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Silversea offers both luxury cruises and expedition voyages through polar and exotic regions. Their smallest ships are designed for those who delight in the thrill of discovery while indulging the mind and body in the most lavish surroundings imaginable. Accommodations are spacious with ocean-view suites that include butler service and private verandas.  Silversea cruises promises their innovative gourmet culinary excellence is the best  at sea. 


Destinations & Experiences

World Cruise


 Encircle the globe aboard one of Silversea's "Best World Cruises." Experience the seven continents in an intimate way on a Silversea's  cruise that explores more than 30 countries in 140 days. Travel deeper and witness the world's beauty.

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Grand Voyage


Grand Voyages are perfect for those looking for a voyage that is is like an aphrodisiac for their soul.  Silversea's grand cruises venture across the seven seas and provide you with the luxury of time to thoroughly experience a region, explore its landscapes, and savour the nuances of its cuisine.  

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Combination Cruise


Silversea cruises allows you to combine two or more magical voyages into one superb experience. With a limited number of perfectly balanced journeys, you can prolong the joy of sailing so that you can discover each region in depth and experience the authentic beauty of the world. 

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Galapagos Islands


Take a Galapagos Expedition cruise and discover the species that inhabit this famous archipelago. Experience this living museum of natural history and its creatures that are as engaging as they are unique. 

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Russian Far East


 The Russian Far East is one of the planet's least explored destinations. Take a cruise to the Russian Far East, where the winter ice isolates the Kuril Islands with their stunning volcanic landscapes and spectacular populations of seabirds and cetaceans thrive. 

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Arctic & Greenland


 Cruise to the Arctic and Greenland and go on an expedition where you'll see an  abundant wildlife and dramatic landscapes, explore Svalbard where the polar bear roams freely, experience the Midnight Sun, and follow in the wake of the Vikings to Greenland and Iceland.   

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