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I'm Out Travel now has a special incentive for you when you book a cruise, an all-inclusive resort, tour or luxury hotel with us. After booking and before you depart, we will provide you with some great reading by award winning and  bestselling author Kevin Tumlinson, the host of the Wordslinger Podcast. He has partnered with I'm Out Travel so we can provide you with a free ebook to take along on your next journey. Travel and reading go hand-in-hand and we are excited that Kevin Tumlinson is our new partner to help us promote both!

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At I'm Out Travel Agency you will find a dedicated group of travel professionals ready to assist you with all of your travel needs as they relate to cruises and all-inclusive cruises! Let us take you to Alaska, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, Cuba and Europe and even a TransAtlantic. Don't forget a cruise through the Panama Canal! Contact us for all last minute cruise deals! We will also be there for you during your cruise vacation if or when a problem or situation pops up. Communication is vital, especially as it relates to unexpected changes in your travel plans! We are your travel partner all the way from start to end.

 Research less, relax more . . . let our experienced Master Cruise Specialist plan your hard-earned vacation. Call 866-215-8397 now!

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  At I'm Out Travel Agency, let us take you to the all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Punta Cana or Mexico. How about St. Thomas or The BVI? If luxury hotels are on your bucket list, we can find the perfect one for you. Our travel professionals specialize in hotels and resort travel that will truly meet your needs and your style of travel. We are here to take the stress and worry out of your vacation travel. We pay attention to all of the details to ensure you have a smooth and worry-free trip no matter where you travel in this world.

 Research less, relax more . . . let our experienced Master Resort Specialist plan your hard-earned vacation. Call 866-215-8397 now!

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Travel Specialist


Steve Kerkam has over 40 years experience when it comes to travel across the globe. His knowledge will surely be an asset to help you determine that perfect trip either by land or sea. If you are looking for a resort stay, check out the list of resort types he has developed for you on our webpage.



Valerie J. Hearn is the founder, owner and manager at I'm Out Travel Agency which is based in Houston, TX. Her years of travel knowledge and experience with last minute cruise deals, cruises, hotels and all-inclusive resorts will help you with all things travel! If you have travel questions, she has the answers. Just give her a call!

Travel Specialist


Beverly Kerkam brings years of travel experience to I'M Out Travel Agency. Her love of ocean and river cruises, all-inclusive resorts as well as guided tours to Australia, Italy and Europe, are a real plus in helping you find that perfect vacation. There are so many places to go and things to see, why not let her help you chart the path to get you there? Just give us a call!

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When it comes to cruises, tours, hotels and all-inclusive resorts there are so many beautiful places to go and so little time to work out all the details of that perfect vacation trip that is high up on your Bucket List! That is where I'm Out Travel Agency comes in to help take the stress of travel planning away so you have more time to pack your bags and prepare for that journey of a lifetime.

But if you have a little free time, here is our list of some of the better travel sites on the Internet. Take a look at these and see what you think. If you know of others that we should include, just let us know.

But here are a few travel resources that may come in handy when planning or when you are on your next trip.